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People who want to become a coach in a MAP Team have to:

  • fill out an application form, & provide references, and obtain police security clearance

  • attend a MAP Training Workshop

  • commit to serve as a coach for at least one year

At the MAP Training Workshop future coaches will learn about  the released offenders, the purpose of a MAP Team, and how a MAP Team functions.

They will learn about: 

  • safety & boundaries

  • resources available in Ottawa for the focal member and how to access them

  • how to aid the focal member without making him or her dependent

Only after this process can anyone be accepted as a MAP coach.


"There was a lot to learn; about prisons and released offenders, housing and employment, MAP and community services. But mostly I learn about being accepting." - Joan, MAP Mentor

CONFIDENTIALITY: The MAP Team presupposes trust, yet all members need to guard themselves from naiveté. The Coach's security is paramount. MAP training and the MAP support system are geared to keeping coaches safe, while working towards the client's goals. Confidentiality is key to the MAP Team, and will be breached only in cases where clients show signs of potentially harming themselves or others.

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